About Dr. Lisa Johnston

Dr. Lisa Johnston has earned graduate degrees in both Education and Psychology from the University of Kansas. After working in higher education in a variety of capacities (i.e., university administrator, faculty member, advisor, and counselor) for nearly 20 years, Lisa chose to enter the political arena. She was selected as the Democratic nominee for United State Senate in Kansas in 2010 and also ran for Kansas Senate in 2012. In recent years, Lisa has been working as a political consultant and has written guest op-ed articles for the Kansas City Star. Most recently she joined Ruckus on KCPT as a guest panelist.

More About Lisa

  • Ruckus Guest Panelist on KCPT
  • Guest op-ed writer for the Kansas City Star
  • Founder and author of SapphireWire.com
  • 2010 candidate for United States Senate and 2012 candidate for Kansas Senate
  • Eighteen years of experience in higher education
    • Served as a counselor, academic advisor, faculty member
    • Eleven years as a university administrator
  • Academic credentials
    • Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from KU
    • M.A. in Psychology from KU
    • M.S. in Clinical Psychology from UCM
    • B.S. in Psychology from UCM
  • Lives in Overland Park with her husband of 22 years, Kyle